“There Is No Love Sincere Than The Love Of Food”
George Bernard Shaw
Produce of USA      
Products Format Net Wt. Units Per Carton
Nacho Sliced Jalapeno Tin 3000g 6
Whole Jalapeno Bottle 340g 12
  Tin   6
  Bottle 340g 12
Taco Shells Box Pack 128g 12
Nacho Ole Tortilla Chips Box Pack 210g 12
Cajun Seasioning Free Flow Plastic Jar 280g  
Hickroy Grill Free Flow Plastic Jar 1500g  
Lemon Free Flow Plastic Jar 3000g  
Hot Salsa Glass 326g 12
Mild Salsa Glass 326g 12
Jalapeno Cheese Salsa Glass 326g 12
Cheese Salsa Glass 326g 12